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Need Development Help?

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Then you could try, a place where most development pages are represented side by side giving you an idea of how they work. One of the most common problems with web development is that some pages are developed using different languages. The site caters to developers who need information on how to best get all these development platforms to work together with samples and a forum where you could send in questions and get answers from developers like yourself.
Opens as a reference page that more or less presents most development languages and their kin. Describing similarities as well as differences making for one brief and concise development reference page.

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August 28th, 2015 at 7:55 pm

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PHP code destination

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You may be wondering in which files PHP code stays.

Well, PHP code may lodge in certain files, particularly those with the common extension .php, and are then furnished in same form to the browser in a URL. The server then reads the PHP code and brings a series of facts to the browser which in turn converts it as a web page.

There are unique instances though when PHP code can also be contained in a stationary HTML (XML, XHTML) location, found in a CMS. What usually takes place is that PHP offers the dynamic phase in these pages through the text part, and not actually a solo .php file for the whole page.

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Adobe Flex Builder 3

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Flash began life as a way for web designers to add simple vector animations to their web pages. Interactivity and programmability and become the one must-have browser plug-in. In the process, and almost unnoticed, Flash has turned itself into an online computing platform with Flash content viewable by almost all internet users.

Now Adobe is determined to fully capitalise on this platform by unleashing Flash’s ability to create full-blown, self-contained Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) – and to take the same power to the desktop. To unlock Flash’s full potential as a computing platform, however, Adobe needed to rebuild its technology and applications to appeal not to the designer but to the developer. What it came up with was Flex.

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なじみのある方なら、freezokaではコントロールパネルの「Add-On Domains」機能と「Subdomains」機能を使用することをご存じでしょう。今回、ユーザのコントロールパネルに「Parked Domains」機能が採用されました。 この機能により、ユーザは特定のウェブサイトを指定せずに「park any domains(任意のドメインに設置する)」ウェブサイトを持つことになるかもしれません。



ソース: Webhost Dir

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なぜPHPなのでしょうか? パート2

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これらのメーリングリストやグループではデータベースとの連携やWindows上での操作、ビギナーが遭遇しがちな問題など、さまざまなトピックを取り扱っている。ほかにも理由はあります。それはセキュリティです。PHPコードは他のユーザには見えないので(スクリプトが正しい限り)心配する必要はないでしょう。 PHPを習得すべき理由がまだ2つあります。ぜひ続編をご覧下さい。

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July 31st, 2015 at 4:22 pm

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Email forms.

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php scripting is not a limited deal. It can create wonderful and secure pages (much more secure than HTML), and so webmasters prefer using it when it comes to online transactions. But aside from making a certain page of your website secure, php can also do lots of things. In fact, you can also make an email sender and put it on your website. You can use it and send personal or business related emails, without using the usual web-based clients people use. Limesoftware has a step by step tutorial on how you can make an email client on your website. What’s more is that you can even make a feedback form so that people can just leave you messages on your website. This can be very beneficial if you have an online business.

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PHPはとても人気がありますよね? 主要なソフトウエア最大手の1つである、マイクロソフトは原則として反オープンソース主義で、「.NET Framework」を推奨していますが、実際の言語プログラムではPHPが優勢のようです。

「Tiobe Community Programming Index」によると、PHPは技能有用性の分野で、昨年5位から4位へと着実にその順位を上げています。既にひっそりとC++を凌ぎ、そして、すぐにVisual Basicに追いつくでしょう。まさに驚きです。

最近IBMと提携を結んだZend TechnologiesはiSeriesプラットホーム上で企業向けPHPを提供しています。マイクロソフトはしぶしぶPHPをライバルとして認めたようです。IBMおよびZend Technologiesは、近い将来PHPが、IISやWindowsにおけるアパッチと互角の存在になると予測しています。

ソース: コンピュータ・ウィークリー

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Versions 4

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Just so youll be aware of the different versions of PHP. This post features older versions:

Version 4.1.0 introduced the superglobal arrays. Because of this, there are scripts written in superglobals that will not run in versions prior to this particular version. If youre using older versions of PHP, then you must use old style arrays such as the $HTTP_POST_VARS.

Version 4.2.0 is a little more complicated. This version of PHP changed the default setting for register_globals to Off. There are scripts developed under previous versions that depend on register_globals that are set to On. These particular scripts may stop running with the 4.2.0 setting. To solve this, change the coding of the scripts so that they can run with this version.

Important improvements were made to the CU version of PHP in Version 4.3.0. The CU is built automatically by default when the PHP is complied from source code. If one wishes for it not to be built, then it must be disabled with installation options.

Version 4.3.1 features a security fix to problems in 4.3.0.

More to come

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Blogger syndication with PHP

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woman blogging
Blogger is equipped with a superb interface used to tidy up blog entries as well as facilitate endorsement of a blog to attain a better position in its niche. This application only requires an uncomplicated SimpleXML set transported with an entire PHP system, along with some understanding of the Google Blogger API and a small part of PHP scripting to come up with the needed HTML code.

Blogger interface is so excellent that it should be put to full use when promoting a blog because with this method, one need not install blog software on a web server anymore since it is already inbuilt with Blogger. This way the web site owner saves time and effort, plus he is able to maintain his MySQL database allowance and set it aside for better and more advanced use in the future.

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July 3rd, 2015 at 10:40 am

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PHP 5.3.0 RC2 Released

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phpdistAs the internet evolves and the many people who work hard to make it possible try to issue improvements into the already forever present PHP platform, the newest version of PHP 5.3.0, release candidate 2 has been released for evaluation and testing. The update is in efforts to address security vulnerabilities that have been found with the last release only a month or so ago and it is deemed as part of the continuing evolution of PHP into one of the best and most secure web platforms ever. Project managers are advised to download the latest version fro testing with current projects so compatibility issues can be addressed early. Read the rest of this entry »

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June 26th, 2015 at 10:30 am